Aren’t These Giant Cat Heads the Creepiest Halloween Costumes Ever?

JAPAN – Well, it’s October, and naturally, it’s almost time to begin your Halloween costume planning. This might just be a good place to start — if you’re looking to give your friends the creeps.

Some may dress up as something topical, such as Barb from “Stranger Things” or perhaps, Zombie Sandy from “Grease.” Maybe you’ll decide to dip a toe into the political realm and go as one of the presidential candidates. Or maybe, just maybe, you keep it classic and pull out your old ghost or scarecrow costumes.

The possibilities are certainly endless. However, if you really want to scare your friends, these giant cat masks should do the trick.

These extremely intricate creations are the work of Japanese artist Houseto Sato and while we should respect the craft and dedication that goes into a work of art like this, do we really need massive, ultra-lifelike cat head masks floating around out there in the world?

What’s worse than a black kitty crossing your path? Probably a human being in a gigantic cat head mask crossing your path!

According to the folks at Lost at E Minor, each individual cat head takes about three months to complete and will run you, get this – $5000.

Folks, just adopt a cat or two!

At the moment, these masks are exclusively available to order in Japan — so it looks like we’re all pretty safe for now.

Here are some more examples of these hilarious heads!