Stray Kitty Approaches a Guy a Year Ago, Claims His Skateboard and His Heart – Check Out the ‘Now’ Pics!

A hungry stray kitten came up to a skateboarder, asking for a bit of food and some love. It was love at first sight!

“One day when I was skateboarding I noticed one friendly kitten” Casey Shaw said to Love Meow.

The little buddy was dirty and wouldn’t stop sneezing and sniffling.

The kitty came to the guy begging for food and Casey, of course, decided to accept .


And so he took a crate out of his vehicle, put the fluff ball into it and immediately brought her to the vet.


“The kitten had an eye infection, mites, and respiratory infection. This young man gave her the required medicines and the kitten was healthy in few days.”

Think about it! If Casey hadn’t found the kitten in that moment, who knows what could have happened? It was perfect timing and he was he became this kitten`s guardian angel.

The wee one has since been named Margot.

The vet said the kitty was about 5 weeks old.


“She was probably separated from her mom too early.”

Several days later, her eyes opened and ears perked up.

She absolutely loves cuddling and she always shows gratitude for her loving rescuer!

Whenever her human dad packs his bag, Margot wants to go, too!

She is happy now and finally has her forever home!


One year has passed since the rescue and she has blossomed into one amazing cat!

And just take a look at her amazingly fluffy tail.

“I like to think that she knows I rescued her, she wants to regularly be near and fully trusts my girlfriend and I,” Casey stated to Love Meow.

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