The Slowest Growing Kitten Ever!

When little Ted first came to the shelter, he barely grew. He was four weeks old, but much smaller than he should have been at his age.

Ted was rescued by Saving Grace Rescue which is located in San Francisco, California.

“He had a rough start and barely grew at first,” Saving Grace Rescue told the folks at Love Meow.

“He was four weeks old and weighed about 4 ounces.”

At that age, a healthy kitten should weigh more like 13 ounces. Ted was just about 1/3 of that.

They placed the tiny ginger boy in a foster home and that is where he began to thrive. Ted was given around the clock TLC by his fosterer over many sleepless nights. it wasn’t long before his appetite grew and his weight also went up. Not only did he gain in ounces, but also in energy.

Finally he weighted one pound! That was in less than two weeks and Ted caught up in weight.

Update (Oct 26): Ted has finally reached two pounds!

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