Shelter Kitten Waited and Waited For A Forever Home and Then …

When Baby Rey was adopted out of the shelter and into her new home, this is how she felt – like she was in heaven! No more waiting for her Prince or Princess to come!

Rey loves cuddling up with her new human dad.

“She’s named after the new Star Wars leading lady and she’s my little Rey of sunshine!” Rey’s human mom told the fine folks at Love Meow.

“I wasn’t looking for a kitten by any means (we already have two!) but just had a hunch to stop by the shelter on my way home from work and found this little lady and was immediately smitten with her!”

Baby Rey came up to her with those squeaky meows out of that tiny body as if she was begging to be picked. It was just at that moment she knew they were going to have a new addition to their multi-cat household.

“So I brought her home and it’s been perfect ever since. She’s so so cuddly and playful and her big brother and sister just dote on her and are constantly trying to groom her and play with her.

Turns out her birthday was the same day we got married on September 12 this year so I think it was pretty meant to be.”

Baby Rey has a lion-like mane.

Every morning she doesn’t stop squeaking until she gets her breakfast!

She lays down next to her human stretching out her full belly after a nice hearty, tasty meal.

She’s learned the art of demanding all the attention she wants from her humans.

Life is wonderful now for little baby Rey and she loves every bit of her forever home!

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