These Cats Can’t Stop Cuddling After She Rescued Them

Three orphaned kittens all from different litters found a new mom who rescued them when they needed a home. Now the kitties will jump up on her lap or snuggle up with her for naps, cuddles and love. There’s nowhere else on Earth they’d rather be.

It all started with Jack the ginger. “He wandered to a friend’s house. He was dirty, cold, and skinny when he found him. But my friend couldn’t keep him. So we offered to take him in.” imgur user rbtmchl said.

Then Carl arrived: “While at the vet getting Jack checked out we met a vet assistant who was looking for a home for a kitten she had found. We thought we’d let him stay for a couple days to see how he did at our place.”

The little kitty stole their hearts and they decided in the end to keep him.

But it didn’t stop there. After a bad rain storm, they found another tiny ginger girl in a ditch who was soaking wet. “We took her in and nursed her to health. She was so small and fragile when we found her.”

They just knew they couldn’t part with her. So now they have three fur babies who have each turned out to be huge cuddlers.

Whenever she is laying on the couch, all three kittens cuddle up on her for a nap.

“Although it’s been a little rough with the vet visits and late night cries we don’t regret it at all 🙂. They are all so loving and adorable!”

A cat will never forget who rescued him.

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