These Pictures Of A Cat Warming Up His Cute Little Paws On A Heater Will Definitely Make Your Day!

Isn’t winter the worst? The cold weather makes everyone hurry back home to get in front of a heater and cats are no exception. There’s really nothing better than warming up your hands or feet in front of a heater and these cat pictures catch that moment in the best way.

The past winter has been pretty cold in Japan and Ryuju Tan took photos of his cat heating up its cute little paws on the heater. The pictures were posted online and instantly gained a lot of love. Tan adopted a cat from the street of a small Japanese town 9 years ago and he’s been his best friend since. The cat named Busao has his own Twitter, Facebook and Instagram profiles and looks absolutely great, especially in front of a heater.

Looks like Busao spent all winter in front of the warm heater and people absolutely love it. Check out the pics below: