Tuxedo Cute Cat Urges Sitter to Open Door So He Can Go Out in Most Adorable Way!

An adorable video clip of a tuxedo cat making a handle-turning motion with its paws so he can be let outside is quickly going viral.

The cat, which was being looked after by Fakher Oueslati in Montreal, Canada, can be seen perched on an arm-rest of a sofa while gazing at the camera and the window before he mimes turning a door knob.

The kitty then meows and gazes out of the window again, apparently looking at the neighbor’s cat who was playing outside the front door.

This very intelligent cat then repeats the action several times.

Fakher, who told a viewer that the cat had taught himself how to do the action, went ahead and posted the video on YouTube and Reddit, where it has been viewed close to 60,000 times.

In the description of the clip, he stated: ‘My sister’s cute cat was begging me to open the door to go outside and play with the neighbor cat. It looks like he’s miming the motion of turning the doorknob.’

Several viewers have commented the cat was ‘adorable’, while others slammed the guy for not opening the door.

On Reddit, mangopearapples noted: ‘OPEN THE DOOR ALREADY JESUS CHRIST’ and on YouTube, SaucyMcSaucer said: ‘OPEN THE F****** DOOR DUDE.’

Fakher, however, responded to on Reddit saying he didn’t want to let the cat outside as it was ‘too cold’.

He went on toadd: ‘What have you done if you were in my place? It was wet, very cold and the neighbor always ignore him.’

When another viewer stated he was ‘lying’, Fakher responded: ‘Huh? Lying? I Never said I didn’t open the door”!

How cute!

via www.dailymail.co.uk