Two Lynxes Stop Traffic in Maine Just to Bicker Like Some Married Couple!

When you think of big cat battles, you probably picture two snarling, clawing, ferocious beasts protecting what is theirs in this savage world.

You probably wouldn’t think about two fully grown creatures plopping down to exchange verbal barbs and occasionally catty paw pokes.

However, that is precisely what one traveler in Kokadjo, Maine, witnessed. During her drive, Sarah Verney was actually treated to the rare sight of two wild lynxes up close — and seemingly getting very personal with one another.

In the video clip of the actual encounter, it appears as though the duo is peacefully walking together, but this undramatic stroll quickly disintegrates into a “Mwaaa” match, where both big cats seem to be nagging at each other.

“I told you we should’ve turned left at the birch tree, you never listen to me,” one lynx seems to spit at the other.

Or perhaps, “Who is this girl in the car? I thought you said there was no one else. This is supposed to be our date night!”

Since wild animals like these seem to have the simplicity of life a little more figured out than I do, it’s likely they were just chatting about the territory and what the other’s pee smells like.

Yet, you have to admit, it’s amusing to think that even out of in the wilds of Maine, there are animals having trivial snit fits over — who knows — perhaps directions?

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