Wife Is In Tears When She Comes Home From Work. Now Look What’s Behind The Front Door…

If you have a pet in your home, then you know how hard it would be if you had to be separated from him or her, and how sad it would make you. Even when you go on vacation, you always seem to count the days until you can see that pet because any animal who shares your home is like family!

So when Avery and his wife found out learned about their new landlord’s strict “no pets” rule, it was nearly impossible for them to leave their two cats with her parents. She was quite obviously very upset by the fact, but life moved on as usual.

That was until Avery received a surprise call from the landlord who finally did approve the two cats, allowing them to stay at home where they so belong. So, how did the husband choose to tell his wife the good news? With a bit of a surprise, of course!

The best part is, he caught it all on camera!

The wife arrives home after work, and she’s almost embarrassed by the fact that he simply won’t put the camera down. She knows there’s a surprise waiting inside her home, but she has no idea what the surprise it!

Now go ahead and watch the clip to witness for yourself the very moment Avery’s wife sees her two babies again!