UPDATE – Cat Killing Video That Went Viral Leads to Ajman Teen’s Arrest!

UNITED ARAB EMIRATES – The police have just recently arrested a youth for torturing a cat to death by throwing it against a wall in Ajman.

The 17-year-old GCC national was immediately taken into custody after a video went viral on social media showing the teenager killing the cat.

The incident happened in Al Rashidiya area in Ajman earlier this week, police confirmed on Thursday.

The boy ended up being released on bail after his father signed an undertaking and the boy pledged that he would not indulge in such activities.

Ajman Police said to the Gulf News that the teen did not suffer from any psychological disorder, and that the youth said he did not mean to kill the cat.

Major Ebrahim Saleh, who is acting director of the Al Madina police station, said the incident came to light after a social media user saw the video and offered Dh10,000 to anyone who could identified the teen so that the police could be informed and asked to take legal action against the person.

Ajman Police soon positively identified the youth, arrested him from his residence and brought him with his guardian to Al Madina police station. During the questioning of the assailant, the youngster said he killed the cat completely unintentionally and that his friend shot the video and took pictures which he sent to their other friends on social media.

The video spread throughout the internet like wildfire.

Major Saleh stated that this is the first time the police have handled such a case.

Major Saleh has urged parents to educate their children about animals and the need to treat them humanely according to Islamic values.