UPDATE! Compassionate Cat Named ‘Pretty Boy’ Acts as Midwife for Copper …

WEST VIRGINIA – Please scroll to the end for the update!

What an amazing kitty we have here to share with you!

This is Pretty Boy the Cat and Copper!

Sharon tells us here at The Best Cat Page, “Pretty Boy is a new age goat midwife”.

Who says kitties can’t be multifaceted?

“Copper the goat is due to deliver babies any time now”, Sharon continues.

“Pretty Boy thinks he’s a midwife and is massaging Copper through her contractions trying to help Copper have her babies”.

For some time now, Pretty Boy has been sleeping with, sitting on and also massaging Copper since Copper was confined to a stall to prepare for her deliveries”.

UPDATE: Pretty Boy and Copper made a GREAT team! 2 boys and 1 girl!

Take a look!

Way to go, Pretty Boy!

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