Watch As This Orphaned Duckling Becomes Part of an Adorable Feline Family!

Cross-species friendships always melt our hearts.

Out in Queensland, Australia lives this lucky duckling called Kitty. On the Homebush farm Tamara Altmann found Kitty who still hadn’t hatched.

Soon enough, the farmers decided to take the duckling and incubate it in their oven.

Tamara’s husband Phil then had an amazing idea. At the time, their kitty Unicorn was nursing 4 kittens and he thought that the little duckling should join the feline family.

As it turns out, this wasn’t a problem at all for Unicorn nor for her kittens. When they were first introduced the kittens gave Kitty a side-look, however, they quickly learned how to get along.

And now, Kitty follows her new mom everywhere she goes.


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