Cute Shelter Cat Siblings Reunited When Owners Start …

Could this story of romance and a reunited family be just some coincidence or is it fate?

A couple meets online but soon discovers they have a lot more in common than they think.

It all started back in 2014 when Cathleen Cavin took her daughter to the animal shelter to adopt a kitten.

They picked out an orange one and immediately decided to take “Ozzy” home but Cathleen always felt guilty that she had separated it from its sibling.

And so, she promised her daughter that she would try to find Ozzy’s brother. After a couple years of fruitless searching, there was yet no happy ending for Ozzy or Cathleen’s daughter—but Cathleen did find someone else.

Brian Herrera was on a dating website and truly hit it off with Cathleen. They began a relationship and everything was going along well until she went over to his house.

Brian stated that Cathleen “…notices a cat scurry by and she stops everything and she says, that’s my cat! And I say, no way, that’s MY cat, what are you talking about?? Thinking she’s this crazy cat lady. And she just kept going, that’s my cat! So, I’m thinking…OK, red flags! What’s going on?”

However, Cathleen wasn’t crazy at all.

They checked their shelter records and discovered that Ozzie and “Butter” were, in fact, the long-lost brothers.

After three long years apart, the brothers are finally getting reacquainted. Brian and Cathleen are currently planning to move in together next month. The cats, however, aren’t the only coincidence they share.

Both were living in the same exact towns at the same time without ever meeting—more than once. Cathleen now believes it truly was all meant to be, calling it fate.

Brian went on to point out that they’re not engaged yet but acknowledges he won’t stand in the way of destiny.