Weak Senior Cat Found & Rescued From Behind Dumpster Finally Gets …

After getting rescued behind a dumpster, this gorgeous senior kitty spent another seven years in an animal shelter.

However, this cat never lost hope until someone fell in love with him and gave him a forever home.

This is Gandolf..

“He sits and watches and waits and hopes that you will pet him, and when you do his purr is amazing. But perhaps that reserved nature is why he was passed up over and over for adoption despite being a wonderful cat. Yesterday, this kitty celebrated his 14th day in his own home with his own dedicated humans. He is very happy and still incredulous that this life could be real,”

SorryToSayItBut commented on reddit.

“He is rather a pensive sweetheart. It’s going to take time for him to gain the confidence to ask for attention and love. He was a low-man on the totem pole at the shelter. For now, he’s so happy he can eat whenever he likes and not try to gobble it all down right away before he loses it.

The shelter estimated that he is 8-9, but I think he might be slightly older. Maybe 10? As he gets in better shape and his coat gets glossier and softer, he’ll probably look younger. He was very sedentary in the shelter.”

“He has perfect manners in the apartment. Uses his box just right, no mistakes, found his scratching post and used it, etc. He must have belonged to someone in the past. The TV baffles and fascinates him, though.

It makes me so sad that he was overlooked for so long. Then again, the shelter was a vast improvement over starving behind a dumpster, and now he’s got a loving home again.”

“My previous, very beloved cat recently died very unexpectedly (aggressive cancer) at age 9, and one way I am coping is by giving this cat of a similar age who has not known much love or luxury comfort and caring for the rest of his life.”

What an amazing rescue!

Photo credits: SorryToSayItBut@Reddit │ via: catloverscommunity.com