Woman Stumbles Upon An Abandoned Suitcase In The Park With 12 Little Black Kittens Inside

You might not think too much about seeing an old suitcase lying on the side of the road. Perhaps you would think that some unsuspecting traveler lost the luggage?

You may not even give it a second thought. Sara Baumer saw a battered suitcase when she was out for a walk.

This didn’t happen on the side of the road, it was in the middle of a park. Even then, Sara didn’t think much about it – but then she began to hear some muffled cries coming from inside the suitcase!

When she opened up the case, there they were! 12 little black kittens inside!

Someone had simply abandoned the kittens just like that with no absolutely no concern for their survival!

Sara immediately brought all of them to the vet. Other than being a bit thirsty and hungry and having fleas, the kittens were in fairly good shape.

Thankfully, Sara walked past right when she did.

Things could have gone a whole lot worse.

Unfortunately, the monster who left the kittens to die in that suitcase, to date, has not been identified.

Thankfully, the vet personally made sure that all the kittens found a loving forever home.

Photo credits: Top Tales │ Via: www.relayhero.com