You Won’t Believe What Their Kitty Brought Home – A Kitten Friend!

One day, Strider the cat brought home a stray little kitten, who seemed to want to follow him everywhere.

Strider’s human named him Gimli!

He decided the little tabby was there to stay, despite the fact that he was covered with fleas.

“As soon as I got home I threw t-shirt on and gave him a flea bath with regular blue dawn dish soap and warm water. He wasn’t happy but it washed quite a bit of filth off!” Reddit user SkyGuy182 explained.

“When we adopted Strider because he just trotted right up to us while we were working outside!

“He just meowed and meowed and rubbed on us and purred and purred…needless to say he became an official member of the family shortly thereafter.”

“But this time Strider chose who the next member was.”

How adorable!