The World’s Most Popular Pro Wrestlers Weigh In on the Dog vs. Cat Debate!


Over the course of the WrestleMania weekend, a bunch of legends and independent wrestlers were asked which type of pet they prefer.

And wrestlers love to talk about animals!

ABYSS: Cat person! No doubt about it. I’ve got four of them and they’re all named after wrestling. Tater, Kayfabe, Gimmick and Abby is the last one. [Named] after me, of course. [laughs]

AL SNOW: More of a dog person. I like cats, but dogs have more of a genuine, warm personality. Once in a while, you’ll get a cat that will [be warm], but most of the time … We have two cats right now. Unfortunately, we had an older cat that we had to put down just recently. I had the most awesome cat named Fred, who — my daughter, years ago, had gotten a litter of kittens that were only a week old. She hand-raised them. And Fred grew up with the dogs that we had, so he thought he was a dog. He never cleaned himself. He was disgusting. But it was awesome. He didn’t know he was a cat.

BULL JAMES (fka Bull Dempsey): Dog. I have a boxer-lab-pit mix.

BILLY GUNN: Dog person, brotha. You kidding me? I have a whole bunch of them. I have five dogs and I’m about to get another one. [laughs] [My wife] is not happy about it at all. [laughs] I have four little ones and one — I have a pit mastiff, a Jack Russell, a miniature dachshund and four Yorkie-poos. And I’m about to get a Cane Corso.

CHUCK TAYLOR: Dog person. Cats can go right to hell.

COLT CABANA: [I’m] allergic to cats. I can’t stay in a lot of people’s houses. Bookers, when they promote me — actually, it does well for me, because they’ll be like, “Oh, you can just stay at the promoter’s house?” I’ll be like, “Do they have cats?” And usually — usually — the answer’s yes. So I’m like, “Nope! I gotta be in a hotel.” And I do love dogs, but I can never have a dog, because I’m on the road. It’s sad.

MUHAMMAD HASSAN: Dog person. [My dog] passed away a few months ago, but I had him for 11 years.

SHAWN DAIVARI: Dog person. Cats are worthless. They’re just lazy, lazy, lazy creatures.I had two dogs. I lost them in the divorce. [laughs] It’s all right. I was tired of taking care of them. [laughs]

EDDIE EDWARDS: Oh! I’m a wolf person. No, I’m a dog person, for sure. I don’t have one, unfortunately. I’m not allowed to have one in my apartment, which sucks.

RODERICK STRONG: Dog person. But my fiance’s a cat AND dog person, so she has a cat. He’s an awesome cat, Monkey. He kind of lives the street life, but then he comes back and gets fed. He’s awesome.

EXCALIBUR: I currently own cats — or I imprison cats — but I am equal in my love of both.

MATT STRIKER: I rescue pit bulls. But because I travel so much, I can only foster them for a little while. But I do have two cats: Loverboy Dennis and Beautiful Bobby, named after the Midnight Express.

THE GENIUS: Dog. I like to pet other people’s dogs. That way, I get to love them, but don’t get to feed them, or clean up after them. This is my little joke, okay? I play basketball in the park and people come by with their dogs. And they have a little bag, because they have to pick up after them. So I go pet the dog and I look at the bag and I say, “Oh, I’m sorry. I cannot accept that. I didn’t get you anything.” I have a lot of fun.

CHARLIE HAAS: Dogs. We did [have dogs], but then we traded them in for four kids.

KENNY KING: You know what? I’m a dog person, but I have a cat. And the only reason I have this cat is because she’s the most charismatic cat. I’ve never in my life seen anything like this. I think she outdoes Kenny King.

HERNANDEZ: Dog person. Cat people, you can’t really trust. They probably have beady eyes or something like that. You can’t trust a cat person. I’ve got a rescue dog. He’s like half corgi, half whatever the dog that sniffs and finds stuff. His name is Andy. He’s awesome. He was already house trained before we got him. He’s an effin’ dream.

CHRIS HERO: I would say I’m more of a cat person. The last pet I had was a cat and cats are more conducive to my lifestyle, as far as traveling. I could leave for three weeks and they can take care of themselves. That’s pretty cool. I do like dogs, but dogs are a little bit more higher maintenance. It’s kind of like, when you go to someone’s house and they have a kid, you play with the kid for a couple hours and you’re like straight. “I don’t have to play with a kid for another couple months.” Dogs are kind of like that. They’re fun to play with for a little while, but then it’s like, you don’t have to wake up at four in the morning to take them out, or whatever. When you have a pet like that, you’ve gotta be considerate.

THE HURRICANE: Cat! Without a doubt. Always been a cat person. I think cats just have a little bit more personality. I think dogs will like anything that feeds it. And no one really gets mauled by kittens.

JEFF JARRETT: [laughs] Dog, without question. I was raised with cats, and I’ll say this, in the most polite way: I don’t like cats. [laughs]

LANCE ARCHER (fka Lance Hoyt): Dog. My favorite are wiener dogs. I have two wiener dogs, a chihuahua, a basset hound. And I do have a large cat. I love ’em.

LEVA BATES (Blue Pants): I am more of a cat person. I travel so much, so they’ve got to kind of take care of themselves. I do [have a cat]. She’s 14. I’ve known her longer than most people. Her name is TBA. I’m definitely more of a cat person. I love cats.

HEIDI LOVELACE: Oh, goodness. That’s difficult, because I just love animals. But I am probably a dog person. I have a dream right now that I hope one day will come true when I’m not so busy. I want a French bulldog. His name is going to be Juventud. I’m going to call him Juvy for short and when he’s in trouble, I’m gonna call him “The Juice.” [laughs]

JINDER MAHAL: Dog. I have two little Yorkies. Ruby and Jack.

CATRINA: Dog. Dog, dog, dog. I’m a dog person. [I have an] English bulldog. She’s 13 years old. She actually went to Lucha Underground last week.

BRIAN MYERS (fka Curt Hawkins): Oh, a dog person. I had two cocker spaniels growing up, and I have a dog right now named Piper, like Roddy Piper. He’s a bichon poo. I had a cat growing up, which I liked, too. But I liked that cat. I don’t think I like other people’s cats. My cat was different, I guess.

SAVIO VEGA: Dogs, dogs. Well, I love both. But we have dogs at home. I always have dogs. We have a shih tzu. Before, I had a boxer, when I was a kid. That’s the first dog I remember, was a boxer. Then we had a … what’s it called … hot dog? Yeah, wiener. Then we had a sato, from Puerto Rico. When we got married, I got a boxer, myself. [Its] name was Brody, because of Bruiser Brody. But now we have a shih tzu and a wiener. I got a wiener. [laughs]

HARRY SMITH JR: Oh! Ah, both. If I were to pick, ah geez. Cats. But I like both. I have a bulldog, my mum has a pomeranian and then she’s got a few cats. I’ve always had cats all my life, you know. My crazy cousin Ted, he’s got some lovely Persian cats that are quite nice, actually.

SONJAY DUTT: Dog, dude. I got an English bulldog. He’s the best.

MATT SYDAL: Matt Sydal is a living beings person. All living creatures are wonderful in my eyes. I don’t have any pets. I did have a cat for a little bit. I want a pug, or one of those French bulldogs, but I’m a wrestler first. And quite frankly, I had to sacrifice my love of cats and dogs for my pursuit of professional wrestling. Maybe someday. A boy can dream. Maybe I’ll get a bunny or a parakeet or something. I don’t know.

ROCKSTAR SPUD: Great question. I’m a lover of both animals, as long as they don’t bite me. Cats are cool, also I think cat owners are incredibly strange. You always find that the cat owners are strange. Dog [owners] are more solid people. I think dogs are more solid with people, as well. I’m gonna go with dogs.

ZACK SABRE JR: Dog person. We grew up with dogs. I want a cute little ugly pug now, but being a wrestler, I just can’t have a pet. But I’m trying to get my mum to get a pet, so I get all the benefits. I’ll just go home, be the favorite. Get the dog into bad habits and then just run away to America, like, “Sorry, Mum!”