10 Hilariously Lazy Cats That Have Achieved Complete Nirvana!

We all know how lazy cats can be. They usually prefer lying around and doing nothing while their work gets done by others. Everyone likes to just be lazy after weeks of hard work, but cats are definitely experts at it. Here are 10 pictures of hilariously lazy cats that have achieved Nirvana:

1. This kitty is having the best times of his life at the moment. We totally know how it feels. You truly deserve it.

2. It’s really cold, so why not let’s enjoy some sunny time. These cats know the true ways to enjoy life.

3. Are these kitties busy doing something or it’s just the way that they like to relax a bit? They never fail to surprise you.

4. This kitty likes to fall asleep anywhere and however she wishes to. Who are you to judge.

5. This one just took the bar to high. The other kitties will find really hard to match her level. Well, there you go kitty.

6. This one got the best place ever and he knows how to make the best out of it and why should he. He has got all the time in the world.

7. This kitty is nature friendly. He wouldn’t let anyone separate this plant from him. So he sleeps here only to guard it with his life.

8. Is that kitty could be a little more comfortable? He has already got all the comfort in the world.

9. This one was too busy sleeping that he didn’t mind the pose.

10. This is the purrfect pair that you would have seen in a long time. Aren’t they absolutely cute and adorable?