Is It A Cat Or An Elephant?!

Some cats have unique features which can make a person wonder if they’re really cats or some kind of hybrid. They do act like felines, but they definitely don’t look like it. Take a look at this kitty for example – it has the paws, fur and posture of a cat, but its ears make it look closer to an elephant!

The kitty was born normal, but as it grew, its owners actually started to ask themselves if it’s a cat or an elephant. The huge distinct ears of the cat definitely made it look like something else. Everyone was surprised by the kitty’s appearance. Most people were afraid of it in the beginning, but it’s playful personality made everyone love it. The kitty is just like all cats with the exception of the huge ears.

The kitty’s owners took it to a vet in order to see if anything’s wrong with it, but the doctor found nothing wrong. It’s a perfectly healthy cat who unfortunately has big ears. While some people may be disgusted by it, the kitty’s owners are in love with their pet. They are glad that he’s a part of their family and love him with all their heart.

We’re sure you haven’t seen a cat like this before. Look at those huge ears! He’s truly unique. The kitten is living a happy life and gets spoiled every day. He loves his humans and doesn’t leave their side often. And who could blame him – who wouldn’t like getting belly rubs all day long?

Take a look of the elephant kitty in the video below: