Kitten Who “Saved the Life” of Her Owner Up for Special Award!

ENGLAND – A kitten who “saved the life” of a man in Penryn, England has been short-listed to receive a national award.

Fidget Honey was nursed back to life by Nick Priest, who admits that she, in turn, gave him a reason to live.

Mr. Priest actually tried to commit suicide three times and had problems with alcohol when a friend suggested that he get a cat.


“I didn’t want to be here anymore,” he stated. “I have had fibromyalgia for 12 years and it is very painful. I used to run ten miles every day, was an Army pole-vault champion and an archery champion. It is so frustrating not being able to do it now.

“Fidget gave me a reason to do something other than sit in my flat and die.”

Mr. Priest was also an illustrator prior to joining Gerry Cottle’s Circus for two years, then driving trucks around the UK and the continent, when he started to struggle with both his medical condition and alcohol.


Fidget Honey was the runt of a litter and not even breathing when she was born until Mr.Priest massaged her and blew up her nose.

“She makes me laugh every day,” he stated. “We have a symbiotic relationship. I look after her and she looks after me. As long as I have her, I have got a reason not to be on my own.”

She goes everywhere with him, even riding on his shoulder on his motorbike.


“She doesn’t mind at all,” he stated. “I was surprised she took so well to it. She goes in the tank bag, which is lined with fur, and curls down and goes to sleep.”

He has been keeping notes of all their time together and hopes to write a book about it. “I wrote to James Bowen who wrote, A Street Cat Named Bob, explaining, ‘I don’t want to steal your thunder but want to write a book about our adventures’,” said Mr. Priest. “He said, ‘You carry on, mate’, and even said he would put me in touch with his publisher.”


The relationship the pair enjoy led to Rosemullion Vets suggesting putting her name forward for the National Cat Awards.

Another heart-warming story re-affirming that cats truly do rescue their humans!