The 10 Times Cats Walked All Over Your Stuff And Didn’t Give A Damn

All cat lovers know that our cats don’t really care about our stuff.

They knock our valuables off tables, they murder our plants, and they have absolutely no concept of personal space.

Of course, no matter what – we still love them.

Here is a gallery of photos which purr-fectly captures our little fur-babies doing what they do best – not giving a damn!

1. “Was making a quiche, only turned my back for 30 seconds…”

2. Cats walking all over your stuff since the 15th century.

3. The famous painting by Roger Dean where his cat walked across the canvas (check the clouds).

4. This kitty paw print left in a brick which might have actually lead to a secret door where secret cat meetings take place?

5. “You gotta knead the dough, human.”

6. This 2,000-year-old Roman roof tile which proves cats have been annoying us for thousands of years.

7. This hardwood floor finish is missing something… and purrfect.

8. “Your couch was ugly anyway, human.”

9. When Grandma’s cat decided she would ruin dessert on Thanksgiving.

10. So much for renovations!