12 Items You Have In Your Home That Can Be Donated To Your Local Animal Shelte

It takes more than cat food, cat treats and kitty litter to keep an animal shelter up and running!

Animal shelters truly do so much good for dogs and cats all over the world. Many people want to help and give back to these organizations for their tireless work, however, it’s not possible to take in all the pets in a rescue or to regularly donate lots of money. Instead, we can help by donating other things that they need. The trick of it is knowing what items a center is likely to require. Here are 12 important things to donate to an animal shelter!

1. Old newspapers

Image Credit: Max Pixel

Old newspapers serve as the lining for animals’ cages. It’s also a great way to reuse your old newspapers! Just bring them into a shelter instead of putting them in a recycle bin.

2. Old towels or blankets

Image Credit: Pixabay

Here’s a use for your old, unwanted textiles! They’re great for drying off the animals and also as a means to keep them warm and give them something to snuggle into.

3. Old baby bottles

Image Credit: helenmoverland / Flickr

These may be used for young baby animals who are still nursing but are orphaned, or whose mother is too weak to nurse.

4. Plastic bags

Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons

Have you realized that you have a collection of plastic bags growing in your kitchen? Give them to your local shelter that can use them for collecting animal waste!

5. Rubber gloves

Image Credit: How can I recycle this / Flickr

These serve one clear purpose: to be worn by shelter staff and volunteers when they are handling animals or when cleaning.

6. Hand soaps or hand sanitizers

Image Credit: Twirligig / Wikimedia Commons

These will help shelter staff keep themselves clean to ensure the safety and health of both them and the animals they handle.

7. Cleaning supplies

Image Credit: congerdesign / Pixabay

All-purpose cleaners and paper towels are completely indispensable for a shelter that houses lots of animals and has to deal with constant messes. All cleaning supplies are very likely to be accepted very gratefully!

8. Detergent

Image Credit: Pixel Drip / Flickr

Bedding, towels, and clothing need to be washed regularly, and so, sometimes the animals can create messes that increase this need. Bottles of detergent are handy for this reason!

9. Office supplies

Image Credit: Max Pixel

Whether you believe it or not, shelters have lots of paperwork to do and need pens, pencils, copy paper, staplers, tape, scissors, and basically anything that is needed in any other office.

10. Heating pads

Image Credit: Dan4th Nicholas / Flickr

These are absolutely essential to helping weak animals keep warm, or for imitating the warmth of a mother for newborn babies who need it.

11. Baby food with meat

Image Credit: ParentingPatch / Wikimedia Commons

Meat-based baby foods may be mixed with regular dry food as a treat, and many animals really enjoy them!

12. Canned tuna

Image Credit: Mike Mozart / Flickr

Maybe you have some canned tuna sitting around? Take it to a shelter to give the cats something yummy – just be sure to check the expiration date! Make sure to only use canned tuna in water – not in oil!

h/t: www.relayhero.com