Art Students Make Prosthetic Limb for Homeless Kitten

DENVER, COLORADO – A 4-month-old kitten named Sonic will soon have two things that he thought he would probably never have: a home and the opportunity to run around like a normal kitten.

Sonic was born with a congenital orthopedic deformity on his right front leg, which had been making it difficult for him to walk.

Art students from the Art Institute of Colorado and the Denver Animal Shelter all came together to help out Sonic.

They formed the “Sonic Project” in April, a collaboration to provide animals with disabilities custom prosthetics by using 3D printing.

As part of the process, students develop and utilize advanced design skills to analyze and study an animal’s disability and create functional solutions, along with the shelter’s veterinarians and staff.

This is the very first of its kind for the Art Institute. As part of the Sonic Project, students have committed to working with Sonic’s adoptive family to ensure the prosthetic is properly fitted and functional as he grows.

Sonic just had his final fitting for his new prosthetic Wednesday morning.

Sonic, who has been in foster care since early April, will likely be available for adoption Friday.