15+ Hysterical Cats Who Have No Concept Of What A Bed Is

You probably know the Internet cat meme “If It Fits, I Sits”. Besides sounding funny, this meme couldn’t be more accurate. Cats will enter and sit almost any kind of container they can lay their eyes on including small boxes, shoes or bowls. Their near shapeshifting abilities allow them to turn into liquid forms, baffling even scientists!

And, although some people think hysterical cats are weird for closing themselves in tight spaces, they’re actually smart. Cats like boxes as they feel safer and calmer in them. In fact, some scientists say that this can even reduce their stress levels. The dark and cramped areas help them preserve body heat as well, so they aren’t nearly as strange as they look – they’re just practical.

Here are 30 cats who can fit into almost anything:

1. Not only is the kitten cozy, but the dog has a friend to comfort them. Adorable.

2. No, really — where did their body go?

3. Even big cats like to feel snug in tiny spaces.

4. Is that a cat or a super fluffy throw pillow?

5. Dad was trying to enjoy some alone-time in the cold sink — but then…kittens.

6. This is Audrey, and she falls asleep in shirt pockets.

7. Literally a bed of lettuce.

8. “How big is your kitten?”
“About a 6 and a half in women’s.”

9. This orange beauty was brought home in the basket as a kitten. They were recently reunited.

10. We say “awkward.” Cat says “perfect fit.”

11. This cat chewed in an armrest for themselves. Not even kidding.

12. The tiny little paw pressed up against the bowl is too adorable to handle.

13. They look so snuggly and warm in there.

14. Not quite, but okay.

15. “Spent 10 minutes looking for my cat before I went to bed, found him asleep in a wok on top of the freezer.”

16. This can’t be comfortable, can it?

17. They saw an opportunity, and they took it — with a completely lack of awareness for others.

18. Do not attempt to water this plant. You will be attacked.

19. The see-through bowl is amazing.

20. Get out of here with this cuteness!