Scientific Benefits of Having a Cat

Some people are cat lovers, others are dog lovers. You can put us down in the first column. If you’re surrounded by cat haters, hear us out. Science has finally proven what we’ve known all along – owning a cat comes with a fair share of benefits.

Many studies have shown that watching cute cat videos is more than enough to boost your mood. Owning cats is even better. Cats can help you cope with difficult times and lower your stress levels. The less stress in your life, the healthier you’ll be.

Below you can find a list of scientific reasons why you should own a cat. The next time someone belittles you for owning a cat (or cats, we’re not judging), show ‘em this list.

Cats Lower Stress

Cats can lower stress levels and prevent anxiety from setting in. According to experts, cat owners are 30% less likely to die from a heart attack. You know why? Because the little furballs of love can help you relax.

cats 2

Cats Help Us Cope

Cats can help you cope with difficult stuff and get over tragedies faster. That’s a fact. They can sense when you’re sad and will immediately come to the rescue. Who says that cats aren’t as loving as dogs?

Cat Owners are Smarter

Here’s one to brag about – a 2010 study showed that cat owners are more intelligent than dog owners. The study was done on over 600 pet owners on the University of Bristol. Take that dog owners!

Cats Help Us Sleep Better

One study showed that cat owners sleep much better than the average person. This goes double for those who sleep with their pet. Scientists aren’t sure why, but if that can help you get over insomnia, who are we to disagree?

Cats Prevent Allergies

According to experts, exposure to cats early in life can prevent allergies later in the life of children. Pregnant? Time to get a cat [1].

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Cats Can Save Your Life

How many times have you read news about a cat saving its owner life? Although they sometimes look like they could take a life, cats can alert others when their owner is not in a good shape.

Cats are More Eco-Friendly

The carbon footprint of dogs is much bigger than the one left behind by cats. Dog food is pretty hard to process while cats eat products that are easier to harvest. In comparison, the carbon footprint of a dog vs. that of a cat is like comparing an SUV to a city car.