Looking For a Purrrrfect Road Trip Destination? Visit American Museum of the House Cat

If you were looking for an unusual combination of cats, art and novelties, you’re at the right place. Cat lovers need to check the House of Cats in Sylva, North Carolina. It’s a cat museum full of art pieces depicting cats which date back to 600 B.C. The museum was built by Harold Sims, also known as “The Cat Man” in Asheville.

Sims is a true cat fan. He spent 30 years of his life and a ton of money getting the pieces that now sit in his museum.

You can get a self-guided tour at the museum for only $5 and business is pretty good for Sims these days. Tourists are coming to the unusual museum just to enjoy some cat art which they can’t see in another place.

We must say that the museum is a must-see attraction, especially for cat lovers. If you’re near North Carolina, pay it a visit.