15 Superhero Cats Who Have Literally Saved People’s Lives!

What is your kitty cat doing right this moment? If you said sleeping, then you’re probably right. While your furry companion may look peaceful and dormant, don’t be fooled. There is the very sure possibility that your cat is secretly brainstorming ways to save humanity in the event that everything suddenly hits the fan. You know, doomsday scenarios in the event that their human is suddenly put in danger and they may have to jump through flaming windows to save them.

We promise you that after reading through this testament of cat badassery, you will feel quite assured that your cat will come to your rescue in almost any scenario. If you can imagine some potential scenario where a cat has come to the rescue of their beloved human, it has most likely happened before.

Our cats have the ability to be die-hard badasses. However, they are actually so much more than that – they can become actual superheroes. Check out the following stores of 15 cats who whipped out their badass capes just in time to save the day:

15. Pudding the Cat Saves His Owner’s Life Mere Hours After Being Adopted


This is Pudding the cat, 21 pounds of pure feline love who lives in Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin. After years of being in and out of the local humane society, he finally found a forever home in 2012 with a woman named Amy Jung and her son, Ethan. Little did the duo know that the furry new family member that they brought home would actually save one of their lives.

The trouble started just after Amy went to bed that night. Amy, who has had diabetes for the majority of her life, suddenly went into a full diabetic seizure in her sleep. Sensing trouble, Pudding put on his badass cape and went into action.

Pudding nipped at Amy’s face until she was conscious for long enough to yell out her son’s name. However, she was too quiet for him to hear from his room, so Pudding pounced right into his room and jumped around on the bed until Ethan awoke and discovered his mother’s condition. He called for help in time thanks to Pudding, was able to save her life.

Pudding has since been registered as an official therapy animal and official badass.

14. One Hero Cat Body Slams Dog


It was a gorgeous day in Bakersfield, California when four-year-old Jeremy decided to play in his front yard. Unfortunately, at the same time, the neighbor’s dog was actually plotting to make him a human-sized squeak toy.

Jeremy was minding his own business when suddenly a dog leapt out from behind the car in the family driveway, pulled Jeremy off of his bike and then pinned him to the ground. Fortunately for Jeremy, there was a superhero freak in a cloak of fur ready to save the day.

Seeing her human being attacked, Tara, seemingly forgetting the fact that cats are inherently afraid of things that are even remotely larger than them jumped out to bodyslam the dog. She didn’t stop there either, though. She chased the dog off of the property and sent it back home whimpering with its tail between its legs.

This is just one great example of just why you don’t fool with a feline.

13. Sally The Cat Saves Her Human From Being Burned in Fire


Sally is a cat with an ordinary name and also an extraordinary story. Hailing from Australia, Sally enjoyed all of the finer things in life – food, long naps, and of course, dreaming of rescue scenarios in case her beloved human and home were to be suddenly engulfed in flames.

When one day her home did indeed catch on fire, she must have quickly realized that her disturbing tendency to imagine household obliteration was quickly becoming reality – so she snapped right into action.

At 1am on a Monday morning back n 2014, Craig Geeves was resting peacefully in bed when he suddenly realized that Sally was going completely losing her marbles. While this may have been normal behavior for many cats, the fact that she was losing her goddam mind while on top of his head quickly alerted him to the fact that this was not a normal situation. He realized that the house was being consumed by flames, and so, he grabbed Sally and ran to safety.

Ultimately, Sally saved their lives and managed to alert her owner in time to stop the further destruction of their neighbor’s homes.

12. Masha The Cat Saved An Infant From Freezing To Death


Far away in a magical, sometimes awful and utterly freezing place that is known as Russia, a baby was abandoned in a box on the street. Seeing mostly the potential to sit in a box but also to maybe save a child’s life, this one cat couldn’t resist.

As a walking ball of fluff on legs, Masha the cat fit the bill perfectly as the perfect personal space heater for the freezing child. Excited by the prospect of sharing an extremely compact space with another warm creature, Masha simply cozied up to the child and kept him warm until she was able to flag down a human.

After the rescue, Masha was hailed as a true hero and given all of the cardboard boxes in Russia per order of Vladimir Putin. No, not really – but she honestly deserves it.

11. Cat Takes A Bullet To Save 3-Year-Old’s Life


The idea of getting shot while at home just laying in bed isn’t something that people usually think about. If anything, it’s something that they avoid thinking about and at all costs. Thoughts of happy things such as fluffy bunnies and candy canes typically make much more palatable topics of internal discourse.

However, for one family in York, Pennsylvania, getting awoken by a gunshot is exactly what transpired. Angelica Sipe and her son Daemire had both fallen fast asleep in the living room when suddenly a bullet shot through the window, through the loveseat, and towards the sleeping boy.

Understandably, Angelica was terribly shaken when she couldn’t find the bullet – only to realize that their cat, Opie, had literally just taken a bullet for her son. The bullet had gone right through the cat’s head, through his ribcage and out from under his arm.

Sacrificing probably 8 of his 9 lives, Opie managed to survive. Although he experienced some severe muscle damage because one of the bullets shot right through his body.

10. Cat Saves Life of A Tourist Lost In The Swiss Alps


Recently, a Reddit user posted under the name of Sc4s2cg, sharing the story of a cat who came to the rescue when he found himself, to put it lightly: confused, cold, lost, and more than likely – screwed.

The hiker, whose username we can only assume originates from an epic game of battleship, found himself making no hits on a new trail after the only one to his hostel had been closed. The man quickly realized that he was actually stranded on the Alps. If this wasn’t bad enough, he had also sprained his ankle during his trek on one of the mountain trails, leaving him wishing that Judy Garland were still somewhere in the vicinity, the sound of her singing a relaxing lullaby as he entered the waiting, loving arms of oblivion.

Then, something even better than that happened. A black and white tuxedo cat stumbled across the man and decided that today was not his day to die. Needless to say, the man was thrilled. Believing somehow that his chances of getting somewhere back near civilization might just be increased by following a cat, he proceeded to do so.

As it turned out, the cat knew where it was going. Like a badass sherpa on four fuzzy paws, the cat led him through an alternate trail to an area from which he was able to find his way back to the hostel. Just as the cat had mysteriously appeared when he was needed most, it suddently just disappeared.

9. Jack The Clawless Cat Chased A Bear Up A Tree


Deep from within our file of “a news title that sound like complete, impossible BS” comes the story of Jack the cat. Jack was just relaxing in his backyard in Milford, New Jersey when a bear managed to roam into the area. Although Jack had most likely been informed that cats typically do not chase around huge, predatory animals significantly larger than themselves, on this particular day he was decidedly indifferent to this fact.

And so, he confronted the bear. Professional cat translators tell us that the Jack more than likely used a combination of swatting and screaming the following words: “Do you even know just who I am? I killed Smokey the Bear, bud!”

Needing no further encouragement, the bear scuttled his but up the tree like – dare I say it – a scared cat. Although the bear had been sufficiently scared off, Jack the cat wasn’t nearly done yet. As a display to show the bear just how little he appreciated his presence on his turf, he then proceeded to hiss and yowl at the bear for another 15 minutes. The bear did not take this too seriously, however, and it attempted an escape – after which Jack the cat promptly managed to run it up another tree and this time, the bear stayed put.

According to the cat’s owner, whose name is Donna Dickey, Jack’s motives are simple; “He doesn’t want anybody in his yard.”

8. Leo The Cat Defended His Owner From A Burglar


This is Leo – the very aptly named hero with the soul of a superhero badass lion. While he is the kind of cat that occasionally chases random cats off of his lawn for fun like a crotchety old man, Leo had a secret that he was hiding from humanity – he is a complete and total cat ninja.

Leo’s ninja status remained a secret until one night in December of 2011. Leo was on hour 23 of one of his daily naps when he faintly heard the distinct sound of somebody attempting to chisel their way into his home through the window. Unfortunately for the burglar, he had made a huge mistake and attempted to enter the house closest to where Leo was taking his snooze.

As the burglar climbed up the stairs, Leo quietly followed behind him. It was not until the feline let out a blood-curdling rabid-wild-animal caliber yowl which the person that had broken and entered realized that the home which he had stepped foot in was being guarded by a highly viscous, dangerous house cat.

Without further provocation, the burglar decided it best to flee the scene, thankful for being spared from the furry clutches of Leo the cat.

7. The Cat Who Saved Her Human From A Life-Threatening Gas Leak


Sometimes, a bad smell can mean much more than somebody forgetting to turn the fan on in the bathroom. While most of us humans are too numb in the nose to distinguish a gross stink from a potentially deadly one, cats have the amazing ability to detect the perfumes of poison – way before we are able to sense them ourselves.

This is exactly what Perche Pearl Camina, a cat with more syllables in her name and more notches in her badass belt was able to do. It began just when Perche, the cat of 67-year-old Wales resident Alan Nott, began to act oddly.

She then began to circle around the house’s gas box erratically, dashing between the general area of the box and Nott. However, this initial indication did not seem to work – Nott thought that he had forgotten to feed her breakfast. It is at this point that Perche most likely began to think about ways to grow a pair of thumbs so that she could point out the horrible stink emanating from within the house.

Nott realized at this point what was going on, quickly escaping the house with his cat before it could endanger them.

6. Cat Takes On A Mean Alligator


If you’ve never been on a New Orleans Cajun swamp tour, then it goes a lot like this – scenic walks through the swamps, lots of chicken, and, oh, alligators. Loads of alligators.

It was on one of these trips where a group of people decided that the only thing that could possibly make this adventure better was the addition of a cat. The group had been sitting, relaxing, eating what we will assume is Cajun chicken, when then suddenly a wild alligator appeared.

Unfortunately, nobody had any pokeballs to capture this beast, but the group did have something that the alligator sure wanted, some of that delicious chicken. And maybe a small kid or two for dessert, who knows.

The alligator made its approach when the cat on tour decided that it was just about time to bounce the oversized reptile from the party. The cat then proceeded to swat at the alligator’s head until it receded back into the water, where it remains today. According to the latest reports, the gator now may be organizing a “gators against cats on tour” initiative.

5. Shy Cat Finds Inner Badass, Saves Owner From Dog Attack


As is always said, it’s the quiet ones that you need to be wary of. This also applies to cats apparently – especially one named Lima. After years of reckoning over being named after a bean, Lima found it within herself somehow to overcome her insecurities and reveal what an undeniable badass she is.

The cat, who has been described as being “the most reclusive, timid animal I’ve ever seen” by her owner’s husband, Harold, came out of her shell in a big way. On May 21st, 2010, Cherry Woods had been outdoors in her yard when suddenly two dogs viciously charged at her, knocking her down several times. They had escaped from Cherry’s neighbor’s yard and then decided that it was a lovely day to maul somebody. Luckily, Lima, however, didn’t think so.

The cat, who had apparently been lying in wait in the nearby bushes, felt her badass senses tingling all over and knew it was time to snap into action. And so , she leapt out, scratched one of the dogs in the face, and hissed at them. Lima’s diversion gave Harold just enough time to grab Cherry and bring her inside.

4. Hero Cat Saves A Total of 11 People From A House Fire


Someone might argue that there is no sound more annoying than the sound of a cat scratching at things. Often, it denotes the destruction of things such as nice pieces of furniture and expensive rugs. However, on rare occasions, it is these exact things that cats do that annoy us in the first place that might just be the literal wake-up call that saves our lives.

Take this particular example. One beautiful night in Southern France, Alexandra Marlin was awoken by the sound of her cat, whose name is Meatball, scratching away frantically at the floor of the attic, directly above her room. Wondering just what in the hell that cat was up to, she let down the stairs that led to the attic to discover that a fire had started inside of the space. Alexandra then called the police and woke up the seven adults and three children, all of whom were able to make it out of the house unscathed.

Realizing that her secret superhero identity was actually dangerously close to being revealed, Meatball decided to flee the scene. She considered going rogue, but ultimately decided against it and returned home the next night.

The residents were so absolutely thankful that Meatball had alerted them in time that they all offered to chip in on a year’s worth of biscuits for the cat. It is at this point that Meatball reached demigod status and got to bathe in the eternal sunshine of Zeus. Or something like that.

3. Tommy The Cat Actually Dials 911


One of the biggest downfalls of being a cat is having a lack of opposable thumbs. While other creatures such as humans and primates are able to do things like open jars and give a thumbs-up, the common household cat usually lacks such dexterity.

However, this shortcoming didn’t stop this cat at all from making an emergency call when his owner, Gary Rosheisen, was in trouble. Gary had fallen out of his wheelchair and was ansolutely unable to reach the phone for help due to the pain from his osteoporosis and ministrokes which make it difficult for him to balance.

Police arrived at the scene to find Tommy the cat next to the phone – however, neither Gary nor the police could rationalize how Gary might have made the call without, you know, those thumbs.

2. Cat Jumps Bullies Who Decide to Attack His Human


Meet Smudge the tabby, who is bully buster extraordinaire. He is a cat whose stripes aren’t just there for looks – rumor has it that he trained with Chuck Norris to earn each and every single one. However, his new family did not know this critical piece of information until the one fateful day when bullies decided to harass the youngest child of the family, Ethan.

Ethan had been playing with his older brother in the front yard when three other boys who were older and taller than the five-year-old made an appearance to give Ethan hell. They started to taunt Ethan, who put his head down and attempted to ignore them. Frustrated that their pre-pubescent ball busting techniques were somehow not working, they pushed Ethan to the ground.

Seeing the commotion, Smudge literally flew out from under the car and launched himself directly at the little brats like a cat cannon. Needless to say, the trio of creeps darted away from the scene as quickly as their little legs could carry them.

1. Peeping Tomcat Saved Neighbor’s Life


Throughout all of time, we humans has craved privacy. From our ancestors’ hunt for the most secluded cave all the way to the modern search for the most secluded urinal, keeping our stuff to ourselves is of significant importance. Luckily for one woman who lives in the UK, she had the kind of peeping tom that saved her life.

Former nurse Janet Rawlinson had been recovering from back pain when she began to slip in and out of consciousness as one of the side effects of the morphine she had been taking for her pain. For five days, Janet remained completely immobile as her body reacted to the medication.

However, she was not totally alone. Tomcat Slinky Malinky, the neighbor’s cat, noticed that Janet was unwell and then decided to take action. He jumped onto a fence, where he had direct access to Janet’s window, and began to paw at the window pane. However, Janet still remained unresponsive. So, he tried a classic tactic – tormenting the dog just until the sound of howling became far too annoying for Janet’s neighbor’s to ignore. Janet had given her neighbors a spare key, and when they entered her home, they found her totally unconscious and called for help.

Although Janet has fully recovered, our boy Slinky still keeps an eye on her to make sure she’s alive and well. According to Janet, Slinky often stops over at her house to this day to check on her and make sure everything is A-ok.

Cats. What’s not to love?

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