Kitten Asks For Help At Woman’s Door And Then Over Time, More Come!

Maria Delk and her husband kept on hearing the sound of a persistent meow. “It kept going on and on,” she tells The Dodo.

“So, finally, my husband went outside.”

On the sidewalk just across the street, she spotted a kitten. Just one. Her husband decided to bring the wee one inside.


“I thought she was dying,” Delk says. “It looked like her eye was gone.”

Soon, the kitten was named Grace, and as it turned out, she as a feral kitten. After a visit to the vet, she seemed to be super happy in Delk’s house. However, the cats kept coming.

“I’m not a cat person,” Delk claims.


More kitties began showing up at their home and almost every cat seem to have some kind of health problems. For example, Bailey, who just showed up one day. He had a serious mouth infection.

“I had to rush him to the hospital,” Delk recalls.

“There are about 15 different ones that come,” Delk went on to say.


“I’ve named some. I don’t name some. I’m trying not to get too attached.”

”Some days, I feel like shutting my blinds,” she said, “But I can’t because I know if I don’t feed them, nobody will.”

”This week, I’ve been getting up at four in the morning to get the outside cats fed, the two kittens fed,” she says.


Delk does keep Grace separate,

“I’m not a cat person,! I’m not a rescuer,” Delk insists. “They just keep coming to my house.”

Seems to us here at The Best Cat Page that Maria Delk is a HUGE cat person, despite the fact she claims she is not!