20 Heart Warming Moments That Prove Cats Are Little Angels

There are actually some people who mistake cats for being somewhat selfish, but the truth is that cats truly have hearts of gold.

Our kitties care so much and are always right there for the ones they love.

If you somehow still doubt that, then take a look at these 20 cats that will surely prove you completely wrong.

1. These two young cats decided to become bodyguards

2. This cat is very nice to hug when you’re sleeping

3. A very patient partner playing ’The Prince and the Princess”

4. Two old, dear friends

5. A true friend will always say yes to holding your hand

6. He’s always ready to play a prank with you

7. True adventure seekers

8. The role of proud parents!

9. The very best nanny ever

10. A kitten doesn’t leave his friend — not even in the bathroom

11. Taking their friendship to a whole new level

12. A young artist’s assistant is completely indispensable to the creative process

13. Whilst the captain’s deputy just keeps the ship in working order

14. The most patient cat in the world

15. The dream-catcher

16. A very devoted audience

17. Improve your reading experience while holding a cat

18. Is the perfect partner for a game of chess

19. True friendship knows absolutely no bounds

20. You should always love you cat, the way your cat already loves you!