10 Pics Showing That Cats Will Always Be Cats, No Matter How Big They Are!

Cats’ obsession with boxes may always remain a mystery. While some of us guess they like them because boxes make em feel secure, others speculate that it’s their hunting instinct kicking in, and they see a box as the perfect place to hide and ambush anything passing by, including your foot. We’ve already seen that no place is too tight for them, now it’s time to show you that even their bigger feline relatives are not much different.

A Quickie
Whatever the reason behind their love of boxes, one thing is truly certain: there’s hardly a place more fitting for some quick doze-offs. Ain’t that right?


Or perhaps, a Long Slumber
It’s quite easy to get lost in there. Cats, no matter their level of wildness, do enjoy their hours of sleep.


Never Very Far
If they can’t curl up inside, well then, they might as well catnap beside a box. Either way, the relation between boxes and naps is undeniable.


Very True
In cat world, you’re never quite too old for this kind of stuff.


Ah, this is the Life!
The sun-bathing his golden hair, this lion has found an unusual use for a box.


Size Doesn’t Really Matter
Small box, big box, it barely bears a significance. The only thing that does seem to matter is that they can squeeze into it nicely.


The Pre-sleeping Moments
Watch and observe him. He just can’t help it. This lynx is powerless, he’s ‘purr-endering’ to the charms of the box.


Those Fleeting Hours
Well, how long have I been in here?


Make Some Space Please!
What amazes all of us is that although they love their boxes, cats, big or small, are willing to share them.


Or Are They Really?
Ok, maybe aren’t always!


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