Man Opened Box Abandoned At Bus Terminal In Direct Sunlight And Discover The Saddest Surprise You Can Imagine

The UK definitely experienced one of the hottest weeks of the year in June, so when a passerby noticed a cardboard box taped shut with duct tape at a bus stop in London, he never quite expected to find three tiny animals inside.

Cautiously, he proceeded to open the box and was stunned to find three 11-week-old black and dark tortoiseshell kittens.

Luckily, the kind-hearted man immediately knew what to do and contacted The Mayhew Animal Home, which is a nearby animal rescue centre. Tania Mazzoni, animal welfare officer from the association explained:

“We don’t know how long they had been in the box for, but they were very hot and obviously extremely scared, so we immediately took them to our Vet Clinic to be thoroughly checked over”.

Luckily, the veterinarians there acted quickly and while the little felines were hot and scared, they otherwise seemed to be in relatively decent health.

The kitties’ temperatures were then closely monitored, however, the young trio seemed to have a very lucky escape from what could have been an extremely dangerous situation.

Staff-membes over at the centre subsequently named the adorable kittens Jenny, Jackie and James. Jemma Gillard, who is from The Mayhew Animal Home, explained to The Dodo:

“Jackie, Jenny and James are all doing really well and gaining confidence every day. They are cheeky and playful and love attention”.

These wee ones are now leaping and bounding their way to recovery so that they will then ready to find their forever homes.

If you happen to live in the UK and would be interested in giving these sweet felines a new home, you may visit The Mayhew Animal Home adoption page by clicking here.

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