20 Truths That All Cat Owners Have Come To Accept!

If you have a cat in your home, then you know you must always be prepared to smile, laugh, and also be patient. As much as they may sleep, there certainly aren’t many dull moments at all!

Cats are truly set in their ways and there is nothing in the world that will ever change that!

1.Your sink can become a sofa bed at any time.

2.The Dog is most certainly NOT in charge.

3. “Mischief” will take on a whole new meaning whenever felines are involved.

4. Selfies are always a joint effort.

5. Post-meal snacks are a thing now.

6. Computers are never for working, they are for warming.

7. Sometimes you have to just let them sit back and think about cat stuff.

8. There is nothing more sacred than a cat’s “Stare Out The Window” time. Whatever you do – DO NOT DISTURB!

9. A box will always be much more appealing than an expensive toy…

10. …the same can be said for fancy beds.

11. Sleeping is usually an all-day activity.

12. This here:

13. If you’re opening the fridge, you’ve automatically invited the cat!

14. When things that are completely nonsensical begin to happen.

15. Your cat will always barf on the one thing they shouldn’t barf on.

16. You will never again need an alarm.

17. You, as a human being, will never truly understand cat logic

18. You will always learn your lesson the hard way.

19. Lint rollers are life-changing.

20. Most importantly of all: You know you will never ever find a more entertaining or snuggly companion.

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