Cross-eyed Rescue Kitty Helps Other Furry Patients at Vet Clinic … and is Loved Dearly by all!

Alf the cat helps to manage a veterinary clinic in New South Wales, Australia and has been helping to care for the furry patients there since October of 2014.

Alf started his own life as an abandoned kitten who wanted nothing more than a forever home to call his own!


Someone had “dumped” Alf at the clinic’s doorstep. He was barely two weeks old! And so, the staff-members at Ryde Veterinary Clinic took him in lovingly.

He was fed every two hours as needed by one of the nurses there.

Her kindness saved his little life!

Unfortunately, Alf’s brothers and sisters didn’t save so much luck. But Alf was a fighter and day by day, he began to thrive!

Also unfortunately for Alf, when the time came for him to be put up for adoption, it seemed everyone simply just “passed him by.” Nobody wanted poor Alf.

This story doesn’t have a sad ending. Luckily for Alf, all of the staff-members at the clinic had fallen head over heels in love with this little energetic ball of fur by this time and they decided to keep him as the clinic’s helper and a mascot.

The clinic is now Alf’s forever home!


Alf’s bright, loving personality shines right through his photos, doesn’t it?


Today, Alf waits at the entrance of the clinic, greeting each and every furry client who enters the establishment!



Alf is alsoknown as a “little supervisor” of sorts, overseeing all of the action at the clinic throughout each day!


Recently, one of the human staff-members had a baby and Alf said his congratulations as sweetly as only a cutie like Alf possibly could!


Alf loves balloons!


Alf is a dedicated staff member who has absolutely no trouble at all focusing on the tasks and duties at hand!


Who needs a forever home when you have a building full of people who love you unconditionally, you get to make all kinds of new, furry friends and you’re taken care of just like a little cross-eyed king!?