Her Proud Cat Brought Her All Kinds Of Nice Gifts! Things Which Were Stolen From …


A cat mom was just minding her own business when one of her precious kitties brought her some gifts… clearly from another home!

“Minding my own business then Robin comes in twice with things he’s clearly stolen from another house. Very proud of himself for his progress from hunting leaves I imagine,” RainbowNeko wrote on reddit.

The Scottish Fold, whose name is Robin Mclaurin Williams, began bringing his mom gifts around Christmas. She would wake up and find leaves, dog toys (she has no dog), a toy mouse and another toy on a stick that didn’t belong to him. Each and every time, the cat would meow very loud to show his mom his stash. He was very proud.

“He is to be feared for his ruthless thievery of toys (and wool) and murdering of leaves.”

This story gets even better.

“So I went to the house where I thought Robin has been stealing cat toys, balls of yarn and knitted things. I was correct in my assumption and they have had to shoo Robin away as he just wanders in through the cat flap as if he owns the place. I said I’ll return with the cat toys I find that aren’t his later on and speak to the lady who owns the knitting. I have never felt like a detective until today.

Thankfully they don’t mind. But I can imagine the reaction! It’s slightly embarrassing that I am guilty of owning a cat burglar.”

Here’s a photo of the whole kitty family!

Photo credits: RainbowNeko │ Via: www.iizcat.com