3-Week-Old Kitten Spots A Distressed Boy And Becomes His Guardian Angel For Life

There are many people who believe that cats are not loving. However, that simply isn’t true. Sure, there are some cats that would rather not snuggle – but most cats love to cuddle and show their love.

The two angels of this story here are a 7-year-old boy and a 3-week-old kitten – and they are friends.

They have become best friends, for life. Selena and her family foster mama cats and their kittens.

The house rule is that no kittens (or cats) can remain there permanently so that they can foster other cats in need. However, that all changed when this tiny ball of fluff came into their lives.

Selena’s son, whose name is Jonhathon, suffers from mood and anxiety disorder. The brand new foster kitten has decided to be Jonhathon’s guardian angel.

The tiny little kitten spotted Jonhathon, walked over, and immediately laid in his lap. The smile on Jonhathon’s face went all the way from one ear to the other! The kitten, whose name is Zenawell, was able to bring comfort to the seven-year-old.

From that very moment, Zenawell and Jonhathon have been inseparable. And Zenawell seems to need Jonhathon as much as he needs her!

She clings to him whenever he is scared.

You remember that rule about not keeping any of the kittens? Well, Selena had to throw that rule out once she saw how Zenawell helped lower her son’s anxiety!

Selena explained that Zenawell will do just about anything to help Jonhathon when he is crying. The fluffy kitty hero isn’t even scared of him when he gets anxious either.

Zenawell is there for the boy – and knows what to do to help comfort him!

What an amazing friendship!

Photo credits: Selena Ann-Vicky Rose │ Via: www.lovemeow.com