The Differences Between Cats and Dogs illustrated by Bird Born

If you’ve ever owned a cat or a dog – or both – you’ll have learned a few things along the way.

Like how they like their belly scratched (dog). Or how long to scratch it before they get annoyed at you and attack you (cat).

There’s no ignoring the fact that cats and dogs are two very different kinds of animals.

And Moscow-based artist Bird Born’s illustrations totally and correctly represent that contrast.

For more from Bird Born’s illustrations:

  1. You arrive home and your dog acts as though their whole day has been spent just waiting to see you again.Cats? ‘Hurry up and feed me’ is the main thing on their mind, if you can even find them.1
  2. ‘A bone! For me? Oh, you’ve made my life!’ says the dog.‘You really think I’m going to eat that crap?’ says the cat.2
  3. Their faces say it all. Can cats even feel guilt?3
  4. If you live with a dog, you have an obedient friend and servant for life.If you live with a cat? The cat rules you.4
  5. But no matter how loyal your dog is, come bedtime it’s all dogs on the floor, cats in for cuddles.5