4 Simple Tips to Less Hairballs

Change your cat’s meal plan

Next time you go cat food shopping check out the higher-fiber hair ball-control formulas that are available in both dry and wet options. If you are uncertain, ask your vet for a recommendation. Gradually switch over from the old food to the new one.

Add a hairball supplement to your kitty’s diet

If cats like what they’re already eating, this might be a more attractive alternative to a complete change to the diet. Some supplements can be mixed in with your cat’s usual food. Others are designed to appeal to your cat’s taste buds; squeeze some onto your finger and hope your cat wants to lick it off.

Get to brushing.

Some cats like getting brushed. Don’t tell your cat, but a brush is a more efficient grooming tool than a tongue and it will keep some fur from ending up in his belly. Less hair to swallow.

Do not allow your cat to groom himself too much.

Distract your cat with some play time when he seems to be overdoing it with the tongue baths. If your cat doesn’t know when to quit it might be a sign that he’s feeling under pressure or stressed out. Talk to your vet about feline stress management.