4-Year-Old Helps Save Tiny Kitten Who Is Now In Need of a Forever Home in North Carolina!

NORTH CAROLINA – One dreary, rainy morning, a little boy was on his way to school.

He was sure he heard the cries of a kitten. The desperate cries he heard thus started a true rescue effort.

He was the first of several heroes in this kitten’s day!

Firefighter Daryle Harris and Captain Mitch Boyette of the Clayton fire department arrived on the scene to help.

The men climbed right into the storm drains from opposite sides of the street to attempt to coax the kitten out.

Finally, they got her!

She has since been named Camden after the little boy who helped save her life.

Little Camden is now in need of a forever home.

She is currently under the loving care of the good people at Alley Cats and Angels of NC