Kitten Named Pikachu is Rescued from Inside the Grill of a Police Car! – VIDEO!

FLORIDA – Miami-Dade Police recently engaged in a real-life game of Pokémon Go on Monday, when they rescued a small black kitten nicknamed Pikachu who had been lurking inside the engine of a cop car.

A lieutenant heard the kitten’s frantic meows as he was driving to work, and took the car to the department’s fleet services for inspection.

A worker there helped pop off the grill of the Dodge Avenger and finally rescued the baby cat hiding inside.

The policemen involved nicknamed the kitten Pikachu, after the yellow Pokémon creature.

It’s still very unclear how Pikachu made her way into the car’s engine, but it appears she was not seriously harmed.

After spending a few hours at police headquarters on Monday, where she was provided with food and water, cops finally delivered Pikachu to animal services.

Pikachu will be put up for adoption at the agency soon.