5 Reasons Why Cats Like to Sleep With You

Do your cats sleep with you even though they have their own space? We know ours do.

There are more than a few reasons why cats prefer to sleep with you in bed than enjoy their own space. One of the reasons is they love you, but there are plenty other reasons as well.

Check out the 5 reasons why your cat wants to sleep with you:

1. Cats love warmth and what better place to find it than sleeping next to you. They are surely clever and use their brains to make the most of everything.

2. Comfort is all that these feline creatures care for. Yes, comfort is one of the main reasons that they like sleeping next to you on your beds. That’s the most comforting place that they find in your home. So next time when your cat is sleeping next to you, show some respect and lots of love.

3. The feline creatures trust the most and feel secure next to you. They will never sleep with you if they don’t trust you. So if they do so just consider yourself lucky. You just won your kitty’s trust.

4. Cats feel that your beds are their soul territory. They don’t sleep with you. In fact they allow you to sleep next to you. Congratulations! You just won the lottery. Keep up the good deeds Mr Hooman or else you will be kicked out of your own bed.

5. And of course they love you so they won’t to sleep next to you. Sleeping alone is not good for either of you as it is. Studies have found that sleeping next to your feline friend helps you get a sound sleep and that too much easily.