Cat Is Always Ready To Rumble In Its Amazing Digs

A Russian engineer recently created a spectacular playhouse for his cat that is certain to make the other neighborhood cats jealous.

Ivan Veryasov decided to craft a cat-friendly habitat for his beloved feline that has his kitty pal ready for anything. This one-of-a-kind army-style tank allows this cat cruise around the house in style.

In an interview with Ruptly, Veryasov explained that the inspiration for the tank came when he saw other cat playhouse offerings and was underwhelmed by their creativity. He believed he could do better, and the kitty tank was born.

The vehicle is able to move when pushed and the turret can rotate for added fun. The entire thing can be climbed in and on, and can also be used as a scratching post.

The tank has been such a huge hit that Veryasov has created an entire business around making and selling these toys for other cats.

This tank is sure to be a hit with many cat lovers.

Photo/video credits: RUPTLY TV VIA YOUTUBE