A Loyal Cat Refuses To Leave The Bed Of His Recently Deceased Best Friend!

Trooper the cat certainly had it lucky – she was found stuck in a wall in a basement of an abandoned house realtors were trying to flip. In 2014, Trooper was saved by Alexis Hackney when he was 2 weeks old. Alexis took Trooper home, where her grandmother Sarah Whaley formed a special bond with the kitten.

Trooper slept on the grandmother’s bed all the time, and when she recently passed at the age of 96, the cat didn’t want to leave the bed at all. Alexis says the kitten was crying all the time and refused to eat – the poor soul was obviously in pain for the loss of her best friend.

This is one more proof that animals have feelings as well, and that they suffer when one of their favorite humans dies.