Cat Once Rescued from Drug House Is Now a Complete …

This beautiful kitty was rescued from a drug house and was also very likely abused, officials say.

But now, it seems he has found the loving home he’s always wanted and deserved.

This is the story of Brink!

“This was just after I rescued him from a crack shack in a neighboring city. Most adorable little snuggle bum I ever met. He’s 5 now, and still my best little buddy,” Silveeto went on to write on reddit.

“I believe he may have been either hit or kicked though before I rescued him because he had some very odd defensive body language when you’d approach him. It took almost a couple years but he doesn’t wince or shy away when you try to pet him anymore. Loves being cradled like a baby and loves belly rubs.”

“Previous owners got busted running a meth lab, he was about 9months old. He got displaced to a relatives house after the meth lab raid and she reached out online looking for a home. I just happened to be looking to adopt a kitty to keep my old senior cat (18yrs old) company. So now they’re buddies, happy and healthy.”

It seems somebody got a bit of poo poo stuck on his fur butt… but he’s still happy!

What a gorgeous cat! We here at The Best Cat Page wish Brink the very best his new life has to offer him!

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