Kittens Dumped in ‘Take-out’ Bag in McDonald’s Restaurant!

AUSTRALIA – Four brand new newborn kittens were dumped in a McDonald’s takeaway bag at one of its Tasmanian restaurants.

This past Friday, an Ulverstone McDonald’s staff member found the bag of kittens, no more than two days old, right on a dining table.

Just Cats Tasmania founder Rachel Beech described the dumping of these kittens as the “worst case we’ve ever had”.

The kittens were immediately taken to the Ulverstone Vet before they were handed to a Just Cats Tasmania foster carer Caroline Dare in Devonport.

Ms. Beech explained that the kittens were in good condition with the umbilical cord still attached.

She said there was some concern for the kittens’ mother and stated it was likely her milk supply was not being used – which could result in the cat becoming pregnant again in eight weeks.

While the RSPCA Tasmania continues to investigate the case, Ms. Beech was outraged with the way the kittens had been dumped.

“To place them inside a McDonald’s bag and leave it on the dining table – somebody else might have thrown them out or the bag could have been crumpled and the kittens squashed,” she stated.

“There’s so many alternative ways to get rid of your kittens rather than dumping them in a public place.”

She noted that the most simple and effective solution to stopping unwanted breeding was to have cats desexed.

“Just one cat, not desexed, can produce 700 kittens in three years,” she stated.

“Her kittens, many of those a female, then go onto have kittens and so forth.”

This particular dumping comes during a year where Just Cats Tasmania has been “inundated” with unwanted kittens.

With discounted desexing currently available from the RSPCA and Just Cats, Ms. Beech said the onus fell to owners.

She went on to describe the positive take-up of desexing in 2015 as people jumping “on the bandwagon” but said it had indeed “lapsed” in 2017.

Ms. Beech stated that anyone who had unwanted kittens or cats should surrender them humanely to a vet or Just Cats Tasmania.

“We don’t prejudge,” she concluded.

The RSPCA is currently investigating the case of the dumped kittens and reviewing restaurant CCTV.