According To One Owner, Selfies Are To Blame For Black Cats Not Being Adopted!

Black cats have been a part in the ancient lore of black magic more than other cats with a different color. They are believed to bring bad luck, and you may experience something bad if one crosses your path. However, these cats shouldn’t be demonized because of their monochrome color – in fact, they deserve much respect.

There’s a trend going on of judgmental comments on Instagram selfies, and it seems that even black cats aren’t safe from it. One user recently took a selfie with her cat, which was unrightfully called ugly and boring in the comments. Although black cats have been related to black magic and wizardry, they deserve respect just as much as any other cat.

Christine Bayka says that the magical stereotypes related to black cats are no longer the problem – the selfies are. The better the cat looks on the pic, the higher the chance it’ll get adopted. Christine owns a cat center called The Moggery in Bristol, which has 40 black felines up for adoption. However, due to the bad selfies, no one is interested in them.

Christine thinks that black cats look boring on pictures, and that’s the reason people are just not interested in them. The same doesn’t happen with a ginger or white cat, who looks better on a selfie.

However, when you’re choosing a pet, it’s the same thing like choosing a partner. You should take into consideration the chemistry between the two of you and its character, and everything else should come second place! Don’t judge black cats on selfies – they are just as lovely as any other cat!