A Kind Woman Saves A Baby Kitten After It Was Almost Euthanized As It Required “Extensive Care”!

A few weeks ago, a small kitten was found alone on the streets of Phoenix. It was left alone by his mom and completely defenseless.

Abandoned kitties are often neutralized as sometimes shelters can’t provide the proper care these felines need. However, this kitten was lucky, as a kind woman decided to give it a shot at life.

“I’ve started fostering bottle babies a few years back,” Melinda Blain says. “They require intensive care, but it all pays off when you see them growing,” she adds.

The kitten found on the street was only a week old, and it was probably the smallest cat of the litter, which is why it was abandoned. “It was underweight – he only weighed 100 gr. when he was brought to me! At this age, a kitten should weight at least twice that amount,” Blain said.

However, this kitten just wouldn’t give up, and Melinda certainly didn’t let him die. The kitten was named Mety, and received proper care. “It’s not that bad,” she says. “Food and bath time takes up to 10 minutes, and he should start weaning in a few weeks.”

If not for Melinda, Mety would certainly be dead by now. However, he had luck on his side, and has grown nicely in the last few weeks.

His eyes opened up a couple of days ago.

Melinda loves Mety’s purring.

“He’s become quite active and curious in the past week. He loves climbing on me,” Melinda says with a laugh. Here’s a video of Mety she posted on Instagram:

It’s hard knowing that Mety and other baby kittens would not survive without round-the-clock care, but this cat certainly knows it and repays her with lovely purrs. Once he grows nicely, she’ll try to find him a new home. “I usually search for adopters when the kitties are about 6 weeks old and healthy,” Melinda says. She covers the fostering costs on her own, but she has an Amazon wish list you can donate to. You can find her under @bottlebabyfosters on Instagram.

“I do miss all of them when they leave, but want to see them happy in their new family as well,” she says.

“As soon as one baby goes, there’s room for another one to be saved.”