This Adorable Dog And His Adopted Kittens Show That Families Literally Come In All Shapes And Species!

AUSTRALIA – When Eliza Henry-Jones and her husband Ben Hibbs decided to take in two rescue kittens through Forever Friends Animal Rescue, they believed it would just be for a few weeks while they nursed them back to health.

However, that was until their dog Hugo decided to take them under his paw — quite literally.

Little Gingy and his brother Grum were “tiny, full of worms and covered in fleas” when they first arrived on Eliza and Ben’s doorstep. Initially, the pup couldn’t work out what they were.

“Hugo had never seen a kitten before – the closest he’d come was growing up with my mother’s cat,” Eliza stated.

“He stared at them in terror from across the room while we cuddled and fed them.”

Well, that didn’t last long.

“Out of the blue, he realized that he ADORED them,” Eliza explained.

“He brought them his favorite toys and bits of dried dog food. He groomed them and slept with them.”

While the dog treats didn’t go down too well, the kittens soon decided that Hugo was pretty great, too. Before long, the trio was inseparable.

“We didn’t have a choice – we had to adopt the kittens as pets for our dog.”

Two years laster, Hugo has upped his adopted-father game, letting the two no-longer-so-tiny cats tread, lick and claw all over him. However, he does tend to play favorites.

“Gingy will groom Hugo every day and Hugo will bring Gingy his favorite toys,” Eliza stated.

“Sometimes Hugo and Gingy will disappear from whatever room we’re all in and we’ll find them fast asleep together in another room.

“When Hugo goes outside for too long, Gingy cries until he comes back in. I’ve never met two animals who love each other as much as these two.”

So let’s hope there are many more Hugos out there ready to open up a spot on the couch to cats and dogs looking for a home this Christmas.

So heart-warming!