Black Kitten’s Dramatic Rescue Leads to Special Friendship for Broken-Hearted Teenager!

MICHIGAN – Back on Sept. 11, while Ruth Young was outside setting up for a wedding at Riverwalk Place, she heard the distressed meows of a kitten.

“He was right across the river on a rock, screaming,” she stated. “I have never heard such a frantic cry for help.”

s156eg5g56-minAs she walked over to check it out, the tiny kitten jumped off the safety of his rock and immediately swam across the river to Ruth.

“As soon as he was in my arms, he stopped screaming, and he never has since,” she went on to say. “The most he says now is ‘meep.’ It’s actually pretty adorable.”

Ruth decided to name the little black kitten Mika. She had recently lost her other cat, King Richard, on Aug. 24, and Mika helped to mend her own broken heart.

“I think he knew that I needed him as much as he needed me,” Ruth stated.

Little did she know, there was someone who who might need that little kitten even more.

“There is a young lady in my life named Alexsandra Pero. When she was much younger she had a black kitten she loved so much that she would sneak him into her room at night to sleep with and spoil and then sneak back out before her parents awoke,” Ruth explained. “One day she came home from school and her precious baby was nowhere to be found. She was heartbroken! She talked to me about that cat often, and how much she missed him, and I understood what that felt like after losing King Richard.”

Ruth went on to add that when Alexsandra saw the pictures of Mika, she noted that he looked just like the kitten she missed so much. Ruth decided to take Mika over to Alexsandra’s home.

“They instantly became best friends,” Ruth stated. “This same special animal that had helped heal my heart has helped heal hers too.”

Alexsandra has renamed Mika. He’s now been dubbed Toothless, and Ruth says that the two love each other very much – one very happy young lady, and a very spoiled kitten who has found his forever home.

“He thanks her by quietly saying ‘meep,’” Ruth concluded. “I think that’s how he says ‘I love you.’”