Agonizing Moment Massive Bug is Removed From Kitten’s Nose! – VIDEO!

NEBRASKA – This poor kitten can now breathe easy once again after this gigantic insect was removed from its nose right here in the United States.

Nebraska Humane Society released a video of the excruciating moment a cuterebra larva was taken out from the kitten’s nose.

“It’s cuterebra season here at NHS and last week we had a little dilute tortie (tortoiseshell) /white kitten come in with one of these perpetrators in an unusual place,” the humane society commented in a Facebook post.

“Watch as our shelter veterinarian, Dr. Farrington, works to extract the cuterebra!

“P.S. That’s a whiny puppy in the background, the kitten was a champ!”

They went on to add: “The kitten is expected to make a full recovery!!”

According to the organization’s website, Cuterebriasis is caused by a fly called Cuterebra, when the parasite infesting small mammals that spend time outdoors.

“These opportunistic parasites do not seek out animals, but when an animal wanders by, the eggs attach and hatch in response to the host’s body heat,” the NHS explained.

“Once a larva hatches, it can be licked and swallowed during grooming, entering the body via the mouth or nostrils, or it may enter the body through an open wound.”

We’re happy to hear kitty is now parasite free!