A Teenage Girl Adopts A Tiny Kitten, But As It Growing, It’s Obvious Something’s Wrong!

Dasha is a Russian girl who loved cats her whole life but never got the opportunity to take one at home. She wanted to adopt a kitty for so long, so she decided to do it. Dasha knew of a caretaker who was looking for a home for two tiny cute kitties, so she paid him a visit. She went with her mother and took one of the kittens, but her mother just couldn’t leave the other one behind.

Dasha named her kitty Simina. Simina is a pretty lively kitty, although there was something unusual about her while she was growing up.

As she grew, Simina’s fur started falling off, with Dasha and her mother wondering what’s wrong.

The cat was acting strangely as well – she ate ice-cream all the time and loved eating candy bars as well, even when they made her sick. Cats don’t really like candy, so something was obviously wrong with the cat.

Vets couldn’t find anything wrong with Simina, so Dasha and her mother accepted the unique feline just like she is. Despite the falling fur and weird behavior, no one can say that she doesn’t look special. She’s an energetic and adorable kitty and a living proof that you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover.

The cat also adopted strange behaviour. She ate ice-cream all the time even when it hurt her stomach. Further, the kitty also loved Hematogen, Russian candy bar. Now this was really bizarre as cats didn’t generally like candies.

The family eventually accepted the kitty the way she was. No doubt the kitty was wonderful in spite of the kitty’s weird behaviour. Dasha learnt that appearance is not more important than who you are.